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Tony Hawk Shred


  • Designed 50 percent of the snowboarding levels and 65 percent of the skateboarding levels and its environments from concept to completion
  • Over saw and contributed to the creation and tweaking of many of the 'mini levels' in Shred
  • Trained new hires to develop levels for Tony Hawk: Shred
  • Wrote level design documents
  • Worked with a proprietary engine and its tools
  • Requested and managed many tool creations from programmers for design
  • Worked very closely with other disciplines for a cohesive level design pipeline workflow.
  • Created documentations and guidelines for Tony Hawk Levels
  • Worked with the lead designer to test controls of the game and give feedback
  • Took on business trips to help promote the game and demo it
  • Structured and lead the level design meetings as well as documented weekly tasks
  • Led the level design structure for snowboarding
  • Promoted to Senior Level Designer

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