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Guild Wars 2 Living World Season 4


  • Team Lead and Game Designer on Guild Wars 2 Living World on episodes 2 and 5
  • Lead a multi-disciplined team to deliver high quality and engaging content that meets the standards of a modern AAA MMO in an 11-month dev cycle.
  • Drove creative solutions and problem solving to meet aggressive deadlines, a shrinking pool of resources, and an increasingly high bar of quality.
  • Worked closely with the rewards team and commerce teams to create engaging and attractive reward loops and in-game items to monetize which helped contribute to surpassing multiple revenue projections.
  • Worked with marketing and community teams to deliver insightful, exciting, and eventful information to press and the GW2 community through interviews, online shows, forums, and event tours.
  • Designed, implemented, and managed engaging, high quality, and innovative content that scales from a single player to over 100.
  • 19 open world events, 4 hearts, mastery mini game, and 2 mount adventure, episode mastery design and placement
  • Spawning creatures and humanoids in two of the five maps that make the maps feel alive and lived in.
  • Designed and created 9 boss encounters of various difficulties that scaled for a single player to over 100.
  • Designed and implemented 7 vista cinematics.

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